Mac Tippit Bio


Mac’s wonderful sense of adventure has taken him to  all the gem stone cutting centers of the world. When not designing  jewelry, Mac can be found in the jade market of Canton, or the cutting  factories of Bangkok and Sri Lanka, or the design studios of Rome and  Florence Italy. 

Mac started his career in the jewelry industry in  1956 as a  salesman of colored stones and diamonds.  Shortly after  starting the job, Mac’s entrepreneurial instinct kicked in and led him  to design his own mountings to display the beauty of the stones. After  traveling the world and visiting such places as Japan, Hong Kong, India,  Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Italy Mac started his own business in 1968. To  this day Mac continues to scour the world in search of magnificent  stones to create truly unique and awe inspiring designs.  Nature serves  as the muse behind Mac’s designs combined with his passion to bring  harmony and a flow between stones and gold.

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