Our Exclusive Memo Program

Simple, Long Term, No Investment

Here at Mac Tippit, we offer an honest and straight  forward memo program. A collection of beautiful new pieces will be custom selected for your individual store and sent out on consignment.  As the pieces sell we will replenish them with exciting new pieces. If  at anytime you feel like exchanging your collection, we will be more than happy  to accommodate. Simply return  them for different pieces that might work  better for your store.

Our program is offered exclusively to JBT One-Rated Retailers. All that we ask is that you report the pieces  you've sold monthly, with an anticipated 3-4% turn on your inventory.

Why Our Memo Program is right for you.

It’s simple! There is NO investment on your part.  Thus allowing you a great way to add inventory to you store and  experiment with designs you would not ordinarily purchase. You are never  stuck with unwanted inventory because you can rotate it with us at any  time. 

Our goal is to tailor the collection to create the most profitable  inventory for you.

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